Selena Aurica

In the warmer weather I can be found by the “Welcome to Victoria” Garden at the Inner Harbour from April to September.

About Me

"Mindful creations, one bead at a time"

Hello, my name is Selena Aurica Bondoc.

My family background is Colombian, Romanian, and Metis, I am from Calgary Alberta and now live in Victoria, BC and have been making beaded jewelry since I was a child. Over the last five years I have been learning gold and silversmithing and have begun incorporating these skills into my bead work. My slogan is, “Mindful creations, one bead at a time”. I chose these words as they best describe the intentions and processes that go into every piece I create.

A certain level of quality in my work is reflected in both the materials I use and the amount of time some of these pieces take to complete.

I only use the best quality beads, gold and silver filled metals

I also make my own hooks and fasteners as that way I can be sure the quality meets my standards. Many of the designs take a considerable number of hours but the repetition and rhythm required to do the work is one of my favorite parts. I provide a variety of designs because I enjoy exploring new patterns and I also appreciate taking custom orders because I get to include a bit of my clients personalities into the designs while they are being made.

I can be found at the Inner Harbour by the “Welcome to Victoria” garden from April to September, at various art shows in the Victoria area throughout the year and I am always available through my website for order purchases, custom work or to answer questions.

selena-aurica hand made jewellery to the stars

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